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EU travelling library

The European Children’s Travelling Language Library, is a European Union funded project. It is targeted at motivating children that have recently started to learn a foreign language to:

  • Exposure them to the rich heritage of European languages and cultures
  • Be motivated to learn languages
  • Build a love of reading as the best form of autonomous lifelong learning
  • Reinforce emerging literacy

Travelling libraries of the most beautifully illustrated children's books in six European languages travel from school to school across Europe. Each school has the library for a period and has to carry out a number of educational and collaborative activities
before, during and after the visit of the Library and possibly place the results on the project website for use and viewing by other schools

The target group for the project is students in their first year of learning a foreign language (in Europe this can start at age 6, Italy or 10 UK). Initially the libraries have been available in Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

The EuroLib Association, formed towards the end of the project, is enabling the continuation and enlargement of the project in to more countries by expanding the number of Libraries and languages.
In-Service Teacher Training courses will be organized by the EuroLib Association to train teachers across Europe on the use of EuroLib (theory and practice). Teachers participating in the course will also learn to create a EuroLib library for their own school or group of schools. The EuroLib In-Service Teacher Training courses will be possibly uploaded on the European Union Comenius Catalogue and teachers may request funds to their National Agencies to participate.
News will be uploaded soon on the proejct website.

The project built six libraries and an unlimited number of schools will eventually
be able to ask for a library visit. If you are interested in the EuroLib visiting your school or schools in your area, please complete our form.

The project was completed by senior educators with an expertise in language teaching for young learners.

For regular information on the project please visit EuroLib Facebook



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This website reflects the views only of the author,
and the Commission cannot be held responsible
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